Get Born, Keep Warm

Second Chance//Shaky Hands

We are so grateful for all the love and support we have been receiving from both everyone at PEAK Performance Project British ColumbiaPEAK Performance Project Alberta and all our lovely friends and fans that we wanted to give a little something back! Check out our newest tune ‘Second Chance//Shaky Hands’ and let us know your thoughts. Thanks again everyone! We love you all so much! 



Hey y’all so I’ve been working super hard on an inter-university fashion and lifestyle magazine for the past few months, and we’ve finally released the website! It would mean a lot to me if you would go check us out, and like us on facebook! Our first print issue will be released for free this fall. Have a good day! xxx

PS. We’re also on twitter and instagram!

Here’s a couple behind the scenes shots from shoots in Berlin and Vancouver!

Our band The Wild Romantics have been nominated by Dear Rouge and 102.7 The PEAK - World Class Rock / PEAK Performance Project British Columbia today to be “Iced”. Please enjoy this video of us accepting said challenge and raising you with getting (Smirnoff) iced, while getting “Iced”, all while listening to Vanilla Ice. The Iceman from X-Men was supposed to come but he bailed last minute. We nominate the PEAK Performance Project Alberta Top 12! Boreal SonsLauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk The Royal Foundry Scenic Route to Alaska Just to name a few!
This challenge is to raise awareness for ALS! Go to this website to learn more and donate to the cause!